Prophecies of the Last Days by LDS Leaders

For anyone looking for prophecies from LDS leaders regarding the last days, visit .

This site is a fantastic resource with great talks and sermons from prophets and apostles in this dispensation.  I enjoyed the PPT presentation that was put together on the Last Days:

It contains some fantastic quotes including the following:

President Marion G Romney – Be Not Troubled
I hope we are all familiar with these words of the Lord and with his predictions concerning other coming events, such as the building of the new Jerusalem and the redemption of the old, the return of Enoch’s Zion, and Christ’s millennial reign. Not only do I hope that we are familiar with these coming events; I hope also that we keep the vision of them continually before our minds.  This I do because upon a knowledge of them, and an assurance of their reality and a witness that each of us may have part therein, rests the efficacy of Christ’s admonition, “be not troubled.””

From JM Grant – about not being troubled…
Why is it that the Latter-day Saints are perfectly calm and serene among all the convulsions of the earth–the turmoils, strife, war, pestilence, famine, and distress of nations? It is because the spirit of prophecy has made known to us that such things would actually transpire upon the earth. We understand it, and view it in its true light. We have learned it by the visions of the Almighty.”

And we also have to remember that no man knows the day or hour or the Lords return.  For some reason it seems that in these last couple of years, (and perhaps with the year 2012 coming) that there have been many predictions of when the Lord will return.  While we do not know the exact timing, we can watch the signs being fulfilled (and they most certainly are being fulfilled), but we have been promised, that like the Wise Virgins in the story of the 10 Virgins, those who are prepared, need not fear.



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